NFL Scouting Combine, the action begins Friday

Tentative Combine workout schedule:
» GROUP 1: Friday, Mar 1: PK, ST, OL, RB 
» GROUP 2: Saturday, Mar 2: QB, WO, TE 
» GROUP 3: Sunday, Mar 3: DL, LB 
» GROUP 4: Monday, Mar 4: DB 


Earlier this week, the NFL Scouting Combine actually began. A lot of it is stuff the general public or casual fan isn’t really interested in. So Friday marks the day when the “fun” stuff starts.

But here’s the process run-down.

The first wave (known as Group 1) of the 338 invitees starting orientation on Tuesday. They got themselves registered; and then got their hospital pre-exam and x-rays out of the way.

Group 2 arrived on Wednesday and started their registration process, while Group 1 was having their measurements taken; taking their medical exams, and beginning the interview process.

Wednesday is also the day when NFL GM’s and HC’s talk with the media.

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This morning, Group 1 will do their psychological testing. There will be an NFLPA Meeting. PK/ST will workout. These players will talk to the media, do the Bench Press and continue interviewing with teams.

Group 3, also, arrives today for registration; while Group two is getting their measurements take, etc…

On Friday morning, Group 1 will do on-field workouts (timing, stations, skills drills). Group 2 will go their psyche evals. and the bench press. Group 3 will be having their measurements takes and medical exams. Group 4 arrives and gets registered, etc..

On Saturday, Group 2 will do on-field workouts. Group 3 does the media, psyche testing, bench press and interviews.

On Sunday, Group 3 will do on-field workouts. Group 4 does the media, psyche testing, bench press and interviews.

On Monday, Group 4 will do on-field workouts. And the event is over.

Some of the most important skills tests include:

  • 40-yard dash
  • Bench press (225 lb repetitions)
  • Vertical jump
  • Broad jump
  • 20-yard shuttle
  • 3 cone drill

To view the full list of prospects invited to the NFL Scouting Combine, click here.



The NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis will begin on Feb. 26; the franchise-tag deadline is on March 5; free agency starts on March 13; and then the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, Tennessee, will run from April 25-27.

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